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People from this stock of Gujarat eat nine thousand kilos of sweets and celebrate Raksha Bandhan.

price of gold is a steep climb.  But  there is no cost to the food enthusiasts.  As the eve of Raksha Bandhan is approaching, crowds of sweet shops are seen.  There are also people in the crowd who are buying 9,000 kilograms of sweets made from gold foil.

 Surat's death and Kashi's death.  Nobody reaches the Suratis about eating and drinking.  At present, however, the price of gold burns.  But after the festival of Rakshabandhan, the Suratis are also in the process of collecting 9 thousand kilos of gold foil in Surat.  There are also people who take the gold foil dessert found at the donut shop on Ghodod Road in Surat to celebrate the Raksha Bandhan festival with this dessert.
r /> This time, the Independence Day is also on, so that a map shaped cashew nut has been prepared in India.  There is also a crowd of customers to take.  Then, seeing this scene of Surat's sweet shop, one has to say that even though the world does not suffer a recession, Surat does not have to return anywhere.

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