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3% Increase In The Salary Of State Government Employees

3% increase in the salary of state government employees :
Welcome to techgujgk Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel made a big announcement of the news of relief for government employees Gujarat's Deputy Chief Minister and Finance Minister Nitin Patel today gave a very good gift to 9.61 lakh government employees in the state. The Deputy Chief Minister has given important gifts to government employees. He has announced that the state's 9.61 lakh government employees have announced the increase in dearness allowance by 3 percent. Let us tell you that, currently the state government employees are getting 9% dearness allowance, which will now increase to 12%. Due to the increase in dearness allowance, the state treasury will have an additional burden of Rs 1071 crore. The dearness allowance will be paid simultaneously in July salary.

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This increase will be paid with the July salary. Prior to being introduced in the general budget assembly of Gujarat government on July 2, Finance Minister Nitin Patel decided to raise the dearness allowance of 9 lakh employees of the Gujarat government by 3% to 12%. It is noteworthy that the demand for various employee congregations, including the teacher's union, was accepted. Granted school teachers are also covered in this.
3% increase in the salary of state government employees

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