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Before The Diwali Holidays, The Government Will Give A Big Gift To The Employees, Get Benefits For 2 Years

Before the Diwali holidays, the government will give a big gift to the employees, get benefits for 2 years

The government is happy to inform employees that central government employees can travel to Jammu and Kashmir, the Northeast, and the Andaman Islands of Nicobar by taking advantage of the space travel (LTC) for two more years till September 2020. The official order states that when the employees take advantage of the LTC scheme, they are given compensation for the ticket amount as well.
In 2014 the LTC rules were given exemption
In September 2014, the LTC rules allowed government employees to travel through the North Eastern Region, Jammu and Kashmir and the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Similarly, in 2016, employees were given the benefit of the scheme till September 25, 2018. Union Minister KJ Alphonse wrote to Prime Minister Narendra Modi that allows central government employees to go to Kerala under the LTC scheme's benefit.
Ask staff to go to Kerala and ask for permission
Union minister and Modi has written a letter asking permission to go to Kerala. Kerala is a severe suffering state. The tourism department will be benefited if the government employees go to Alteasi. Currently, government officials of the Central Government are allowed to travel in places of Jammu, Kashmir, Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Kerala's tourism industry will benefit if 48.41 lakh government employees and Kerala travel. There has been a letter written in this regard and there is full potential to get approval. Government employees at the Gulf will also benefit from going to Kerala.


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