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Mission vidhya ma fatvo

Mission vidhya ma fatvo
Newspaper is useful to every person of society. It is also beneficial to every age – child, youth, old, children , youths, and old – all take interest in newspaper. We find different kinds of advertisements , short stories, historical events , religious doctrines, political speeches, legal opinions, sports, matrimonials, lost and found, admission, test dates and let, property, services etc.
Thus we see that the newspapers sever the society in different ways. It also helps in shaping the destiny of a nation its misuse may cause great harm to society. It has been a must,’ with tea refreshment. It is our daily mental refreshment. When we do not get the newspaper to read due to any cause, it affects us. We recollect again and again to have a reading. The habit of reading newspaper is understood a good cultured habit. A good newspaper is a watch dog of democracy.  


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